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  • Empress Dowager Wang Baoming — (王寶明) (455 512), formally Empress An (安皇后, literally the peaceful empress ), semi formally Empress Dowager Xuande (宣德太后), was an empress dowager of the Chinese dynasty Southern Qi. She was never empress, but as she was the wife of Xiao Zhangmao,… …   Wikipedia

  • Luo Baoming — (Chinese: 罗保铭; Pinyin: Luó Bǎomíng; born October 1952) is a Chinese politician and current Governor of Hainan. cite news |first=|last=|title=Luo Baoming elected governor of Hainan Province |url=http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2008 01/29/content …   Wikipedia

  • Luo Baoming — (chinesisch 罗保铭; * 1952 in Tianjin) ist ein Politiker in der Volksrepublik China. Er ist seit 2007 Gouverneur der Provinz Hainan. Luo trat 1971 der Kommunistischen Partei Chinas bei. Er war bzw. ist stellvertretendes Mitglied des 16. und… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • 爆鸣 — bàomíng [explode and sound] 气体遇火发声 氢气有爆鸣的性质 …   Advanced Chinese dictionary

  • Muay at the 2007 Asian Indoor Games — was held in Macau East Asian Games Dome, Macau, China from 29 October to 3 November 2007. Contents 1 Medal summary 1.1 Medal table 1.2 Medalists …   Wikipedia

  • Pao Ming Pu — (the form of his name he used in Western languages, although the Wade Giles transliteration would be Pu Baoming; Chinese: 蒲保明 also named 蒲保民; pinyin: Pú Bǎomíng; Aug. 1910– Feb. 22, 1988), was a mathematician born in Jintang County, Sichuan,… …   Wikipedia

  • Xiao Zhaoye — (蕭昭業) (473 494), often known by his posthumously demoted title of Prince of Yulin (鬱林王), courtesy name Yuanshang (元尚), nickname Fashen (法身), was an emperor of the Chinese dynasty Southern Qi. He is known as the Prince of Yulin because that was… …   Wikipedia

  • Xiao Zhangmao — [Whether his name should be pronounced Zhangmao or Changmao in modern Mandarin, obviously, is somewhat speculative, but given that he had a younger brother named Xiao Zimao (蕭子懋), it would appear that Zhang is appropriate since it denoted being… …   Wikipedia

  • CN-46 — 海南省 Hǎinán Shěng Abkürzung: 琼 (Pinyin: Qióng) Hauptstadt Haikou Fläche   Gesamt   Anteil an der VR China Rang 28 von 33 33.920 km² 0,353 %   …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Chinesischer Gouverneur — Ein Gouverneur (chin. 省长) in der Volksrepublik China trägt die höchste Exekutivgewalt in einer Provinz, vergleichbar einem deutschen Ministerpräsidenten oder dem österreichischen Landeshauptmann. Er ist jedoch normalerweise dem Sekretär des… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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